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Is great songwriting a goal for you? Hi, my name is John Cowell. I can't help it, but I'm a songwriter. Somehow we see the world differently than other people and have the urge to write about it.

I've accepted it now so I try improve each time I sit down to write. It took years to realize it's in my genes, veins, heart and head. I believe it's in you too! After all here you are at this website.

Want to win a free songwriting ebook? Ask a question about songwriting on my form at 21 Questions and you could win!

Learning the art of great songwriting is a process but with practice, practice, practice your writing will improve. So keep your songwriting eyes and ears open to everything around you. Every conversation, piece of news or emotion you feel can be the inspiration for your next song.

Using great songwriting software will help your songs or creative writing. Clicking on MasterWriter 2 will give you a $20 discount off the purchase price. Try out the free trial demo, I think you'll love it.

Do you want to learn....

  • The art of great song writing?
  • What great tunes have in common?
  • What song writer software is best?
  • How to touch others with your creations?
  • What mistakes to avoid?
Our goal is to help you....

  • Learn where to start.
  • Find resources to use.
  • Think like a songwriter.
  • Take little steps each day.
  • Write great songs.

Great writing....

  • Gives us the gift of an emotional journey.
  • Touches our mind and body.
  • Lifts us above our daily lives.
  • Stands the test of time.

Let's take the great songwriting journey together. I designed this website to make it easy for you to move between pages and find helpful information quickly. So keep on building your skills and keep on writing.

REO Songwriting Retreat is happening again this summer Aug 11 - 16 near Boston Bar in the mountains in southern British Columbia not far from Vancouver. Owner Bryan Fogelman has put together another great instructor line up for this incredible one of a kind songwriting and white water rafting opportunity. I've attended this workshop and can personally vouch for it. You've got to check this out REO SongWriting Retreat.

Here's an amazing music tour of Ireland with Chuck Brodsky, renowned American folksinger. Chuck knows all about great songwriting. Its 10 days of small group touring and Irish traditional music at night. Its for people who don't like tours. My wife and I took the tour in early Sept and had a terrific time. Chuck really knows how to take care of you.

I loved the 10 am starts so it allowed lots of time to sleep in after a night of listening to music. Chuck also gives you a private concert. The tour provides you lots of time to look around on your own as there were only a few laid on meals. The Irish tour host Chuck has teamed up with is Innisfree Tours and they are wonderful. Check out Chuck Brodsky's Irish Tours and see if one is right for you.

So do you want to promote your music to record companies, artists and publishers? TAXI (an A&R Company) can help your get your music to the right people and give you song critiques at the same time. Plus members get to go to TAXI's huge songwriter's four day convention called the TAXI RALLY in LA each Nov (for FREE, and for members only). Kara DioGuardi from American Idol did a Vocal & Performance Makeover session this year!

The TAXI RALLY has a huge lineup of top industry professionals and executives who give lectures and who even listen to your music. Sign up for TAXI here or call 1 800 458-2111 and tell them John Cowell referred you. I've been a member for many years. Membership is about $200 a year and great songwriting is worth every dime.

101 Professional Music Contracts Do you want to create, Edit and print over 100 professional and up to date music contracts & agreements right from any computer in seconds?

Want to take part in a University of Herfordsire songwriting study about what effects on your well being that songwriting has? Check out Dr. Nick Trop's survey. There's a link on the survey site where you can go to his website for more information.

Here's a digital/video songwriting course you can try. The Ultimate Songwriting Handbook - its a Step-by-Step Guide to releasing your inner creative genius. It'll help you write that terrific song you've always wanted to write. Great songwriting is a skill you can learn.

Are you looking for something off the beaten track like Apocalyptica sheet-music? We try to provide a mix of services for you.

Do you have a comment to make about any area of songwriting? Please go to our Songwriting Discussion forum page where you can have your comments published on your own web page on this site. Try it out, its easy, its fun.

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To find out more about me or to listen to some of the songs I've written go to John Cowell.

John Cowell

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21 Questions on Songwriting
21 Questions on Songwriting. You can ask one of the questions about songwriting and win a new songwriting ebook. If I use your question, you get credit and a free copy of the new ebook.
Beginner SongWriting Tips
Beginner songwriting teaches the songwriting basics. This wil give you songwriting help where you will learn songwriting tips. A site for songwriting for beginners.
SongWriting Tips to make you a great songwriter.
Songwriting tips every great songwriter should know to write effect. Advice on free songwriting tips to make your stronger writer. Use a song writing tip to empower yourself.
Your SongWriting can be great
Your songwriting can be great. Learn great song writing skills and lift your songs. Write for the top country charts, top rock charts, pop or any other kind of music.
Songwriting Forum
Great Songwriting forum where you're invited to be part of the songwriters forum and publish your comments on this website
Lyric Writing
Lyric writing is an art that a lyrics writer can learn. Great lyrics writers fit the lyrics to the song form and music perfectly. Learn to be a better lyric writer.
Singer Songwriter
The quintessential singer songwriter is one that is versed in not only music theory but also knowledgeable about his/her contemporaries. An artist must maintain relevance and the only way to do that
Lyrics Feedback and Critiques
Would you like feedback on the original lyrics you’ve written? You can publish your original lyric and do songwriting critiques of musiclyrics other writers have submitted.
To become a songwriter, there are many tools to assist one in that endeavor. There has always been the age old debate between audiophiles regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the multitude
How To Write A Song
How to write a song gives songwriting instruction and help with songwriting as part of your songwriting education. Here are free songwriting secrets so give them a try.
Online Music Stores
Here is the best of Online music stores for Canadian, American or any songwriters. Virtual music and real books and instruments for you.
Rhymes Are a SongWriting Tool
Rhymes are a songwriter's best friend. Learn this rhyming system and expand your choises by hundreds of words. Never be stuck again.
A Rhyming Dictionary is a Valuable Tool
A rhyming dictionary is a must for songwriting. An online rhyming dictionary is perfect for a computer songwriter and some are free.
Thesaurus gets misspelled a lot like thesuarus, thesaraus, theasurus, thesourus. However a thesaurus is a must for any songwriter or writer. Here are some great resources.
SongWriting Software Rocks
Songwriting software like MasterWriter and Band In A box will make you a better songwriter as it put rhymes, saving potiental rhymes, a full band, ideas, place and drink names at your finger tips.
Great SongWriting Blog
Great SongWriting blog provides information on songwriting and tips, secrets, resources, tools, ideas and songwriting software.
SongWriting Contests
Songwriting contests and songwriting competitions can provide money and are a tool for recognition of your skills as a songwriter
Music Associations
Music associations, performing rights organizations, and songwriting associations all can help the songwriter. A songwriter association assists with all aspects of your creative work.
Music Links and Resources
Music links for Songwriters and music sites links best suited as resources for songwriting. Music free links to resouces you need to write great songs. Try these free links.
Sheet Music
Sheet Music, get guitar, piano, Christmas and Christian sheet music here. You have 450,000 titles to choose from online. Get every kind of music you need.
Co-Write Songs
Co-write with other songwriters and the collaboration will increase your chances to write a better song. Here are some tips to help you decide if you want to collaborite in a song co write.
Songwriting Resource Guide
Songwriting resource directory for you. Lists songwriting resources for you as a useful songwriting service. This songwriting info will find every resource songwriting needs.
Online Music Courses
Online music courses for online writing instruction are here. Find your songwriting lesson and learn songwriting online.
Object Writing
Object writing is a short, 10 minute creative writing or brainstorming process to sharpen your writing skills and to get you thinking like a songwriter. Try this brain storming songwriting exercise.
Songwriting Courses or Retreats to Attend
Songwriting courses or songwriting retreat you should attend to see how music really works.
Ask A Question About SongWriting
Need to ask a question about songwriting? Are you having trouble with your songwriting and need to ask questions? Here’s your forum for questions and answers by songwriters about songwriting.
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Great SongWriting Site Search is designed to help you write great songs. SiteSearch for content on Great SongWriting.com site here.
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Online Guitar Tuner
Free online guitar tuner that is virtual and digital so you can tune your guitar with ease.
Examples of Simile
Examples of simile are provided here. These simile examples will help you bring freshness to you songwriting.
Lilac Writer
Lilac Writer is a new online songwriting software that does many of the things Master Writer does. You sign up online with your own account.
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Free Music Contracts
Free music contracts are hard to find. Here are few of the ones I've been able to find. There are a number you can buy at a reasonable price.

Take your songwriting, lyric writing, and poetry to a new level. I use MasterWriter to write all my songs and I love it. Buying from this site gives you a $20 discount off the purchase price.

Some of the top hit songwriters in the world use MasterWriter. Why not join David Foster, Gwen Stefani, Carole Bayer Sager, Kenneth Edmonds, Jimmy Webb, Rob Thomas, Jeffrey Steele, Kenny Loggins and many more who use MasterWriter?

You can also get a free download of a fully-functional 10-DAY trial of MasterWriter, with no obligation. Try it out and you'll see how special it is. The free trial is how I first tried it and I've never looked back.

Lyricist V3.0 might be all you want in lyric writing and chord charting. It provides Professional Quality Lyric Sheets as well as Chord Charts. Its also only $59.95.

Are you an aspiring or experienced songwriter or only want lyric sheets for your band, Lyricist helps you use your time to be creative.  its called “The Songwriter’s Best Friend”.

It provides: Rhyming Dictionary, Chord Charting and Editing, Transposition, Chord Wizard, Rich text editor for writing lyrics and other features.